EngWing is a learning facility of English Communication by very advanced learning tools, innovative language feeding techniques & smart training contents. It offers E- Learning & Self Learning Kit facilities to those aspirants who want learning possibilities anywhere & anytime in very systematic result-oriented manner. It facilitates professionals, housewives & school / college students who don’t get time to join class mode or home tuition training system. It is a venture of Edustep Education (P) Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company). We are expertise of 7 years in English Communication & mile stone in academics since 1987. We have trained more than 2000 students for jobs on the basis of English communication skill & groomed the personality of 3000+ learners by our franchise network in face to face mode.

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We have designed learning levels as per the knowledge of a learner. It is mandatory to start learning in our designed learning system as per the grade he / she gets. We recommend our learning itinerary & practice tools to get expected result. Our features help the aspirants to meet their learning requirements.


1) Self learning kit & e-learning training system.
2) Freedom of learning English anywhere & anything.
3) Systematic level wise designed training contents.
4) Innovative format of study material.
5) Advanced technology of learning.
6) Simple way of language feeding.
7) Maximum possibilities of regular practice.
8) Doubt clearing session (DCS) on weekends.
9) DCS centers available all over Mumbai.
10) Learning management software (LMS).


English language is most preferred language all over the world. The number of people in the world that use English to communicate on a regular basis Is estimated as 2 billion! English language has bright future in Modern India. India is a land of 22 official languages and 1652 mother tongues, English has paramount importance in India.

STUDENT: According to employability report from Aspiring Minds being published every year, around 80% of 50 lakhs graduates India produces every year are not employable. These students have very low self-esteem and confidence as they relate their English skills to their intelligence.

PROFESSIONALS: Most of the employees whether it’s a bank or a software company, SME or a large corporate are not satisfied with the communication skills of their employees. So, professionals need to learn English so that they can communicate effectively, be efficient and even standout from their peers so that they satisfy their clients or employer & get promoted to next roles.

HOUSEWIVES & RETIRED PEOPLE: They have to improve English to get along well in their social groups, understand the English being used ubiquitously on TV and the internet and live their life confidently.