Kit Distributorship

As we know English demand is increasing day by day. Many centers are serving English training programs but they are lacking with a system. They are dependent on trainers but fail to deliver a quality education at all locations. Their businesses are unstable due to dependency over the trainer and they are looking for a complete system which includes books, software, app., quality cell, practice tools, etc.

Self-learning kits are designed to make learning possible anywhere and anytime. We supply these kits to schools, coaching classes and spoken centres for systematic training and quality learning. Our icon based books, animated videos and unlimited practice features make learning simple and possible. Our contents are written after a research over learners' behaviour and universal way of learning a language.

We have three levels of course and we offer as per the eligibility of learners. Our course includes books, software, mobile app., etc. We have design level 01 to solve reading, spelling and handwriting issues, level 02 to train for English conversation, Grammar, vocabularies, pronunciation, etc. and level 03 to improve English communication, presentation, voice & accent, vocabularies, drafting, etc.

• To serve better to all associates.
• To expand network of quality education.
• To deliver quality training at door step.
• To accelerate easily with trained human resource.
• To become no.1 brand in all mean

• Explore India with skilled human resources.
• Value time, money & efforts.
• Revolution in language training concept.
• Make learning more possible at any age.
• Affordable learning with advanced learning solutions.

• Opportunity to work with running concept.
• System to explore into district market.
• Simple & affordable activity to reach people.
• Smart way of making handsome money regularly.
• Low investment & secure business.

• Computer Institutes
• Coaching Classes
• English Classes
• Tuition Centers
• NGOs
• Schools
• Colleges

Infra Requirement
• Director/Manager Cabin
• Training Room
• Reception

Staff Requirement
• Marketing Executive
• Support Executive
• Meeting Coordinator

Equipment Requirement
• Computer with printer
• Internet & Phones
• Power Backup

• In Hiring & Training of Staff
• Report & Managerial Backups
• Support in Closing
• Helps in Lead Generation of Facebook
• Stock of Materials
• 50% Sharing in Zonal Advertisements
• Business Strategy & Operation

• Fill an application form & sign. the agreement.
• Make an appointment to finalize business strategy.
• Hire a marketing executive under the guidance of company.
• Send executive for 2-3 days training.
• Get ready for executive regular reporting system.
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